Volume under the curse of the Internet how to brand evolution?

n the 201.6 billion state future retail conference, Han are clothing and electricity business group chairman and CEO Zhao Yingguang published entitled “online peak, line wall, the Internet brand can not break the body curse it? “The speech. He pointed out that the online traffic dividend in 2016 has bottomed out, thousands of faces of the ever-changing lead to a considerable number of business traffic fragmentation of the cost is particularly high.

When it comes to online brands how to break through the problem, Zhao Yingguang put forward three directions: first, your main brand hardest to break the ceiling industry; second, online and offline combination, open the store; Third, do eco-operators.

It is reported that 201.6 billion state of the future retail conference organized by the billion state power network, ideas network co-sponsored, in December 19-21 at the Guangzhou Baiyun Wanda Hilton Hotel. Domestic and foreign enterprises in the field of business executives, experts and scholars, representatives of the media a total of more than 2,000 people attended.

The theme of the conference is “New Species, New Rules, New Electricity Business”, which includes two days’ main forum, five sub-forums, electronic businessman’s night and Horseshoe Club and Yibang Madman Association. It is noteworthy that, at this conference, the electricity industry are familiar with the industry such as Alibaba, Jingdong, only goods will, Dangdang, Amazon and other faces are not replaced, replaced by all the new generation of retail platforms and brand camps, Reflecting the electricity business is seeking to break the field, looking for new growth industry mentality.

The following is a speech Record:

Zhao Yingguang: stand here today to share with you there are some small feeling, because this is a new species, what are new this year, new retail, new finance, new manufacturing, new technologies and other “new”. Han is also one of the new species, although we are the first batch of Amoy brand, these years of continuous evolution, the new species is what? In the beginning of this year, the industry first proposed the “secondary ecology” concept, after a year of development, we as a two-ecology of the operators basically go through this road, today as the two eco-operators To share with you.

In fact, do Taobao, Lynx, electric business for so many years have been too easy, the whole is the evolution of the process, every year new rules out every year new out of every year there are always old people were eliminated, a Year after year is not easy. In fact, as an Internet brand, Taobao will have a 2003, with the 2008 cat, a large number of Internet-based brands every year, in fact, can go down and development is not particularly good, or some regret local.

To 2016 we feel particularly difficult, from all angles have been analyzed, including traffic peaked in two ways: First, the user from the incremental market into the stock market; Second, we can on-line brands are on the line, this year is Ali , Day cat stop investment, what it means, that is, Ali can come up are, there is no need to open the interface to open.

“Double eleven” data, the number of search hits, annual traffic growth, but in fact the key indicators of search click is not much growth, the total number of businesses not much growth, or even reduced , And the entire internal quality has undergone great changes, a large number of Taobao small and medium brands have been eliminated, the traditional brands, including international brands continue to move.

From the era of PC electronic business thousands of thousands of surface technology has been evolving, all platforms in a large level on the layout. Thousands of people in 2015, 2016 was a breakthrough change, and smart terminals great relationship, because thousands of thousands of constant changes have led to a considerable number of business traffic fragmentation of the cost is particularly high.

Amoy brand in terms of our future to make some judgments, we probably carried out from four aspects to determine:

First, because thousands of thousands of faces is an inevitable trend, we believe that in the same category under a single brand ceiling is not so high, only a very small number of special circumstances can break through, in most cases a single brand ceiling below the line under the same brand .

Second, the era of the brand has ended, from the original run-ins to extensive refinement operation.

Third, the absolute number of Internet brands in fact, or to increase, especially some non-standard products, from the trend in terms of gradually increasing trend, rather than a gradual reduction in the trend, more and more intense competition.

Fourth, at this time will have a very serious contradiction, the brand because the ceiling is relatively low, relatively small scale, but because of intense competition led to the product and brand operations increasingly high demand, the contradiction between the two Will be more and more, this is the inevitable trend of the future.

Our earliest times, most of the electricity providers are “small but complete,” the operating mode of pressure is growing, because carry the cost, because you want to continuously improve the quality.

How breakthrough? We do the original line, offline retail and PC era of retail, and mobile era retail What are the different? We are speaking from three levels: First, channels; Second, products; Third, the content is on brand and consumer communication trends.

The importance of the traditional line channel is relatively large, so we emphasize the “location”, content and products are not so important relative to the first place is the importance of the channel. The importance of the channel is not that important when it comes to the PC business, because the choice of channels is very limited, but the importance of the product and content becomes a very important point for brands and retailers to enter. To the era of mobile power supplier, the channel is still not particularly large, the product should be strong, the content of the tendency of more and more obvious personification. Personification does not mean must be specific people, but called “the tendency of personification”, what is the “personification tendency”, that is, when we introduced the original product, may only sell water, introduce water, will not introduce other things, Era, a selling water not only introduce water, may introduce other things, multi-level, multi-angle consumer communication, in fact, the difficulty of business operations increased.

We are thinking if it is an online brand, in 2012 we and Yan Man to discuss how to do at least 10 billion, based on the previous changes, 10 billion path is what? We have put forward their own ideas:

First, from 0 to 1, if you as an Internet brand from 0 to 1 is the first step, you do a brand to find your brand positioning, put your product well, start testing your brand in this category Ceiling, see how big you can do, this is the first step of the foundation work.

Second, 1 to 10, basically you see this category ceiling after you, how to develop the next, two paths: First, expansion category, with a category under the expansion category; the second category under the same Do more brands. Not regardless of which one, we have a time to think of what? What do we pursue? Is the back-end to do more categories, multi-brand system to get through, through the expansion of the brand, expand the category so that your bottom is not a big brand to share this service system, including customer service, storage, IT, operations, PR communication, the system can share Later on to the second step.

Third, 10 to 100, we are doing the third step, we are open under the Internet’s ability to make reservations, by the brand transformation or upgrade to eco-operators, “ecological” the word a bit rotten, but in itself is meaningful, I think almost no more than tens of billions of problems.

Fourth, from 100 to 1000, based on the main category of eco-operators to evolve into a multi-category of eco-operators, we are also in this area layout.

When we break, nothing more than a breakthrough in the direction of online brands in three directions:

First, put your main brand hardest, breaking the ceiling of the industry, this requires a very strong ability.

Second, the so-called online, offline combination, open the store.

Third, do eco-operators, this is our choice, the first two ways we did not do, does not mean that we do not think they can succeed, but we think there is difficulty, so we choose a third way.

Han are running their own brand number close to 90, 18 brands of their own to do, joint venture, shares close to 10, on behalf of the operation or service brand more than 50, at least 150 over the next year.

Therefore, we propose what is called “secondary ecology” is based on the concept of the next generation of the Internet retail is called “brand + ecology + ecology”.

What is an ecology? Refers to the days of cats, Jingdong, CD will include a lot of sharing platform, we call it an ecology, the core of the work is accurate matching, a large number of consumer traffic pull in, through thousands of thousands of faces as the representative of the various technologies to match Corresponding to the consumer, rather than let you see the goods for you invalid, the main work to the precise matching as the core of the construction of infrastructure.

What is the secondary ecology? We are responsible for the transformation, a platform to match your traffic after the secondary ecology through a variety of service providers, including net red, PR, and so high-quality operations to improve our ecological conversion rate of each brand.

Based on this direction, Han all these years to go in this direction, this year we do two ecology, does not mean that we thought this year, our own efforts to go in this direction, 2008 to 2011 made a brand, 2011 Year, we do three million, facing the next breakthrough direction, we are single-brand multi-category, or the same category of multi-brand, so in 2012 choose to start a new brand, done 2, 2013 3, Made 10 in 2014, 2014 has explored this road is valuable, so in 2014 made 10 brands, 7 development is very healthy, 3 for various reasons to suspend operations, and successfully Rate is still relatively high. 2015 began to try to open.

From 2012 to 2015, what did we do? We operate a brand to operate more than a dozen brands, and constantly create two platform service capabilities, not only services 1 billion body volume of the brand, and the system can serve a year sales of millions of brands, the flexibility is very large. For the back-end service system pressure adjustment, which is from 2012 to 2015, the evolution of the process through our own two platforms and platform docking, many of our brands grow very well, these brands live words Basically there is no possibility of success.

What are we building? A lot of Amoy brand customer service outsourcing, storage outsourcing, and that is in a certain stage, but all of our systems are constantly expanding and continuously improve the operational level, these years the Korean support function gradually improved, in fact, every aspect Can do the national industry one of the highest level of operation, than professional firms that are not bad, we think this is our core competencies.

“Two ecology” put forward, if a brand you can do a great, you can do not too big, or even have five or six brands, but the graphics is the graphics. There are a variety of brands on the left, the right is a variety of platforms, you in the middle, the internal has its own resources, we have the resources, and external service providers are co-operation.

The so-called eco-concept is reflected through the map, the Korean clothing is its own brand operating system, the system itself grows independently, an annual increase of one or two brands of frequency, increasing brand, staff as a business platform, There are levels of increasing, Han are the power of our output service platform, increasing every year, and on behalf of operating almost, in fact, and operating companies on behalf of the biggest difference is that a lot of generation operating companies are “nanny” Is the “coach”, which is different. Many brands do not lack operation, is the lack of brand building.

We also do an incubator, the internal operations in the incubator in the business, operating on behalf of the brand into the incubator, we can go to invest.

The above is the operation of the Trinity, the largest value of this system is what? The bottom of the sharing of service facilities, just talked about the nine systems internal and external systems, because to share, so the entire system efficiency of all the low-cost, high output.

We are now mixed into the “new species” in the continuous evolution, we have listed on the new board, the data we will see next year, very good, we have a sense of this model is going through.

If we have to evolve, and the industry continue to communicate, we can add my WeChat, there is time we can always explore, with the evolution of a “new species”, thank you.